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Network layers ppt

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23 Nov Computer Networks Chapter 5 Network Layer 1 By Abdul Ghaffar. how to download this network layer ppt sir. 9 months ago Reply. Are you. The network layer must know the topology of the subnet and choose When source and destination are in different networks, the network layer (IP) must deal . It is easy to debug network applications in a layered architecture network. The network management is easier due to the layered architecture. Network layers.

Physical Layer; Data Link Layer; Network Layer; Transport Layer; Session Layer The network layer is responsible for the delivery of individual packets from the . Session Layer. 4. Transport Layer. 3. Network Layer. 2. Data Link Layer. 1. Physical Layer. LAYER 7 – The APPLICATION Layer. The top layer of the OSI model. LAYERS IN THE OSI MODEL. In this section we briefly describe the functions of each layer in the OSI model. Physical Layer Data Link Layer. Network Layer.

Protocol Layers. CPE / Computer Network Systems. slides are modified from Dave Hollinger. OSI Reference Model. The International Standards. what's inside a router? IPv6; multicast routing. Network layer functions. transport packet from sending to receiving hosts; network layer protocols in every host. Network Layer. introduction. virtual circuit and datagram networks. what's inside a router. IP: Internet Protocol. datagram format; IPv4. Introduce the OSI seven layer reference model. Introduce the concepts of internetworking and routing. Understand the difference between network protocols and. Identify the role of the Network Layer, as it describes communication from one Examine the most common Network Layer protocol, Internet Protocol (IP), and.


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